Guidelines for Adding Songs

Keeping in mind that the goal of this website is to provide access to as many high quality songs as possible, we ask all users to follow the guidelines below.  If we all follow these guidelines we can build a resource that is both comprehensive and accurate, if we do not, it is possible that the resource will become untrustworthy and unusable. 

  1. NO COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS.  Copyrighted materials will be taken down and the person posting will receive a warning.
  2. Take steps to check your sources and provide that information whenever known.
  3. Identifying tone set:  While there is no universally agreed upon method for movable Do solfege, we have opted for the La minor version used in the Kodaly approach to music education.  We use a comma after a note to indicate that it is below Do.  For pitches above high Do, we simply categorize them as "extended" scales.  The goal here is not perfect scholarly accuracy, but simply an easy search and categorize system.
  4. Editing other posts:  We have left the option to edit posts from other members in the hopes that each member will improve upon the material that they find when they can.  This must be done with great care not to supplant one legitimate version or analysis with another.  For this reason, WHEN IN DOUBT ENTER A COMPLETELY NEW VERSION RATHER THAN EDITING AN EXISTING ONE.
  5. Commenting on posts:  Comments about variants, game rules, teaching methods and so forth are one of the best qualities of this site.  Remember to keep all comments civil and respectful.  Innapropriate comments will be flagged, removed and the user warned.
  6. Flagging posts and comments:  We rely upon our members to flag copyrighted material and innapropriate comments.  Please use this responsibility judiciously.
  7. Suggesting additional categories or choices:  While we would like to include as many searchable options as possible, it is also important to keep the site clean and easy to use.  Any suggestions will be decided upon through an online voting process of all the members.
  8. Remember:  This site is what you make it.  Let's make it awesome!