Shady Grove

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Shady Grove is an 18th-century folk song popular in the United States. It is a standard in the repertoires of folk, Celtic and bluegrass musicians. In most traditional versions, the melody is in a minor key. However, Bill Monroe's and some subsequent bluegrass versions use a major-key variation.Many verses exist, most of them describing the speaker's love for a woman called Shady Grove. There are also various choruses, which refer to the speaker traveling somewhere (toHarlan, to a place called Shady Grove, or simply "away"). The melody is strikingly similar to that of an old English ballad, Matty Groves. Some have said there have been over 300 stanzas written and added as variation


Sail Away
Appropriate Age: 
11 and up
Re pentatonic
Rhythmic Element: 
Eighth and 2 sixteenths
dotted eighth, sixteenth